Sometimes hollow bricks and concrete floors cannot be consolidated using the proposed systems. Below is [...]

Slab reinforcement: adhesion contribution of the surfaces

When it is not possible to ascertain the increase in resistance due to the roughness [...]

Composite steel-concrete floors: approval certificates

Studies have been carried out, on the structural behaviour of the CTF stud connector and [...]

Restoring and strengthening existing steel floor structures by using a thin layer of reinforced concrete

Strengthening of steel floor structures in Aquila, Italy. It has been possible to restore and [...]

Connectors for wood: their costruction

Tecnaria wood connectors have specific features that makes them unique: the efficiency of the connector [...]

Nailed connector and welded connector

Tecnaria CTF connector stud fixed through continuous sheeting: application example Possibility of nailing through 1 [...]

Certified connector for wood/concrete floors

To ensure an efficient construction and consolidation of wood and concrete floors, TECNARIA was the [...]


EXISTING Typical shortcomings of existing masonry buildings: wall-wall / wall-floor ties Floors are one of [...]

Fibre reinforced concrete (FRC) for the reinforcement of floors

Fibre reinforced concrete. Thanks to the most recent construction techniques, it is now possible to [...]