We offer solutions for the reinforcement of floors.
Connectors for steel, wood and concrete

TECNARIA produces connectors for the reinforcement of composite wood-concrete, steel- concrete and concrete-concrete floors. Connected structures are used more and more, both for the reinforcement of existing floors, and the construction of new floors with better characteristics.

Tested in accordance with the latest European regulations.

The company also provides extensive support to designers.

Wood Floors

Oldwood floors often need reinforcement, strengthening and stiffening, as they were designed to bear moderate loads. Consolidation with concrete is a great solution for floor reinforcement as it avoids the complete replacement of the floor.

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Steel floors

The construction of composite steel/concrete structures offers remarkable static and economic advantages. The connectors connect steel beams to concrete, guaranteeing the static unity of the two different materials, while enabling them to exploit their individual characteristics.

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Concrete floors

Concrete and hollow brick and concrete floors are often unsuitable for the current construction requirements: they are often deficient as far as raw materials used, or have been designed incorrectly. A stiffening and seismic adaptation intervention is often required.

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Seismic Design

The recent seismic design regulations call for very strict design solutions.
The connected concrete slab is a great solution for the seismic adaptation or improvement of buildings and for floors in areas subjected to earthquakes.

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