Nailed connector and welded connector

pioli chiodiTecnaria CTF connector stud fixed through continuous sheeting: application example

  • Possibility of nailing through 1 sheet (1 x 15/10) or 2 sheets (2 x 10/10).
  • Suitable for all types of steel and all profiles with a thickness greater than 6 mm.
  • Minimum profile IPE 120 or HEA 100.
  • Tecnaria connectors are particularly advantageous for applications on beams with profiled sheeting



piolo co0nnettore con testa saldatoConnection with headed connector stud: application example

  • Connector welded directly onto the beam with interrupted decking. A minimum profile HEA 240 and shuttering at the head of the decking to contain the casting is required;
  • Connector welded onto the beam and plate pre-drilled on site in the points where the connectors are to be positioned;
  • The connector can also be welded onto the beam through the metal decking, but this requires a large input of electric power as well as suitable equipment and personnel;