Connectors for wood: their costruction

Tecnaria wood connectors have specific features that makes them unique: the efficiency of the connector is ensured by the solid base plate, which supports the stud and features crampons that ensure a high level of adhesion to the wood, and the best shear stress absorption. The many lab tests have highlighted the validity of this solution, which promotes the distribution of the stress on a wide section of the wood. This avoids crushing, which is unavoidable with wood connectors when reinforcement is by means of simple screws or nails. Nails, screws and crampons, old and tested elements, now have a new task.

The fixing of the Tecnaria wood connector is completely mechanical, no resins or chemical additives are required. This makes the process fast, cost-effective, clean and reversible. The stud is pressed into the plate. The connector stud head ensures a strong binding with the concrete. The steel screws have a sharp point that, in many cases, makes a pre-drilled screw hole unnecessary. The screws can be applied using simple electric screwdrivers.  The crampon angles are sharpened during their formation, to ensure quick penetration into the wood. The particular tapered screw garantees an efficient binding of the timber beam with the base plate. All the elements are galvanised and free of sharp edges. Being rust free, they also provide good corrosion resistance, and safe on-site handling. The connectors are supplied in practical plastic buckets.