Sometimes hollow bricks and concrete floors cannot be consolidated using the proposed systems. Below is the description of an intervention with the insertion of steel beams in the existing floor

[columns] [column layout=”two”] During the reinforcement of a floor, it can happen that the same is so undersized that it is insufficient to bear the design loads even with the connected slab, or that the intervention is not feasible because the connector cannot be fixed in place. In these cases, a different solution is required, normally more expensive and with greater impact on the design. Several options are possible, ranging from demolition and reconstruction of the floor, with carbon fibre reinforcement of the bottom part, combined with connected slab on the top part.

One option that allows obtaining a new floor with a small additional thickness, is to insert steel beams inside the existing floor. A row of hollow bricks will have to be cut and partly or totally removed (generally one every metre); a steel beam will then be positioned (HEA or HEB profile, to limit thickness), and connected to a slab using Tecnaria CTF connectors and reinforced with electrowelded mesh.

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