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Dowel and crampons connectors are extremely easy to install; no skilled workmanship or special site requirements are necessary. Installing the connectors is as simple as tightening two screws!

Connectors can either be fixed directly to the beam or to floorboards. TECNARIA recommends to fit a “Centuria” breathable waterproof sheeting between the connectors and the wood boarding before the casting operation.

The tips of the screws have a special cut tip that makes drilling a screw hole unnecessary. Only in case of particularly hard wood, or connectors installed at very close distances (less than 10 cm), it will be necessary to drill a 6 mm hole for the screws of BASE connectors (screw Ø 8 mm), and an 8 mm hole for MAXI connectors (screw Ø 10 mm).

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Installation of “BASE” connectors – pdf


Installation of “MAXI” connectors – pdf

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(Maximum performances – New floors)

 Connector fixed in direct contact with the wood beam.

A continuous concrete beam has to be created on top of the timber beam. This can be done by cutting the boarding with a circular saw or laying boards cut to size. A similar situation occurs when the decking is made of terracotta tiles, hollow bricks or composite wood panels. This solution guarantees that the connector has a high mechanical performance but it requires the added preparation in that the boarding has to be altered.

BASE type connectors are usually employed with this solution.

Recommended for new floors.
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(Maximum performances – Floor recovery)

Connector fixed in direct contact with the wood beam.

Using a hole saw with centering bit, drill a hole in the boarding where the connector must be installed: Ø 65 mm for a BASE connector. This solution guarantees a high mechanical performance of the connector but requires the boarding to be prepared. BASE type connectors are usually employed with this solution. This application is not recommended in the case of hardwood boarding, or existing boarding fixed with a lot of nails.

 Connector fixed in direct contact with the wood beam.

TECNARIA has a range of equipment for hire to facilitate the installation of the connectors. A drill with support cuts holes in the boarding.

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(Maximum installation speed – Existing Floors)

Connector fixed on top of the boarding.


The connector is installed directly on top of the boarding. MAXI type connectors are usually employed which require two pilot holes, with 8 mm diameter, to be drilled to receive the screws. Recommended in the case of restoration of the existing structure.

This solution is the quickest form of installation. A Tecnaria double drilling machine with stand-up frame can be used for rapid pre-drilling and impact wrench for tightening the screws (both available on hire).
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